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Rated by Rocket SaaS: Our top tools to generate leads and sales for your B2B SaaS company

As you’re well aware, the B2B SaaS market competition is pretty hot right now – burning hot, in fact. Every day it feels like a new unicorn pops up out of nowhere to take a big piece of the SaaS pie. How can you keep up? What tools can help your B2B SaaS company generate more leads and sales – without the hassle?

In this Rated by Rocket SaaS article, we’re giving you the lowdown on our ultimate list of lead generation tools to get you more B2B sales and help you smash the SaaS competition. These tools will help you streamline, amplify, and speed up your lead generation strategy – and are super easy to use too!

Our top sales & lead generation tools for B2B SaaS

It can be easy to get distracted by the latest tools and technologies and end up with a tech stack that’s just wasting time and money. Keep reading to narrow down your choices!

  1. Website analytics tools

How can you attract more of your ideal customers if you don’t know who they are, how they behave online, or how they find your website? The best way to generate SaaS leads and sales is by first diving into tools like Google Analytics or Semrush to assess your website performance and keep an eye on page rankings, website traffic, and conversion rates. Knowledge is sales power.

  1. Content marketing tools

With the huge rise of social media, more and more content marketing tools, like BuzzSumo and Hootsuite, have hopped onto the market. These tools help us pre-schedule content, engage in “social listening” to see what content is working, and promptly reply to customer comments and messages – all things that add up to more leads and sales for B2B SaaS companies!

  1. Email marketing tools

Mailchimp and Klaviyo have been around for a long time and for good reason! Email automation tools like these are vital in securing more leads and sales for your business – especially when you’re a B2B SaaS company, where nurturing prospects is paramount. In many cases, B2B customers have a longer sales journey; keeping top of mind with simple email automation tools is how you nudge them along that journey faster.

  1. Customer relationship management tools

CRMs like Hubspot and Monday are every SaaS B2B sales team’s best friend. They make it easy to collate customer data from several social, website, and email channels into one database. This data allows you to create audience segments and more targeted online marketing campaigns. And as we all know – the more targeted the campaign, the higher the chance of a conversion.

  1. Website user tracking tools

Using user tracker tools like Hotjar can help you visualise user behaviour to identify areas they tend to linger, get stuck in, or click on the most. Understanding these “user heat maps” is essential for improving your website’s design to increase performance and, ultimately, get more people interested, engaged, and converting with your SaaS company.

  1. Performance management tools

Too busy to check in with your sales teams and assess each employee’s individual performance? Why not invest in a sales performance tool like Hoopla to increase staff productivity and sales results? You’ll be able to see staff performance at a glance, check their progress, and set KPIs – just the motivation they need to grab more leads and sales.

  1. Customer support tools

It’s no secret that if you have subpar customer service, you’ll earn yourself a bad reputation and seriously impact the level of incoming leads and sales you receive. One bad customer support experience and you can lose a vital B2B customer for life. But tools like HelpCrunch or Zendesk can help your customer support team better serve customer queries.

Ready to start experimenting with new SaaS tools?

There are truly so many ways you can improve your SaaS B2B lead generation and sales through tools alone, and if this blog has helped motivate you to try even one new SaaS tool, then our job is done.

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