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Rated by Rocket SaaS: Our Top 10 SaaS website designs and what you can learn from them

A recent WebFX study says that 75% of website credibility comes from design and 88% of online consumers are less likely to return after a bad website experience. So when it comes to your SaaS website design, the stakes are high. Very high. You see, everything leads back to your website – calls with prospects, users searching on Google, online ads, and even social media.

If they land on your website and it doesn’t meet their needs or give them a great first impression: they won’t stick around. Investing in the right SaaS website design builds credibility and encourages users to convert. So, what does a good SaaS website design look like? Check out our top 10 SaaS websites to find out and see what you can learn from them!

10 SaaS website designs that just work

Without further ado, we’ve rounded up our favourite SaaS websites, picking out their main strengths so that you can take note for your own website!

  1. Mailchimp

What we love about Mailchimp is they make the complex – simple. Even experienced SaaS marketers find email automation tricky. But with Mailchimp’s easy design, quirky graphics, user-friendly navigation, and clear CTAs, this SaaS website makes even marketing newbies feel empowered to kick ass at email marketing automation.

mailchimp CTA

  1. Slack

Research has shown that adding videos to SaaS websites increases conversions. And Slack really nails this concept by sprinkling short explainer videos throughout their site and injecting some fun with animations. The interactive nature of Slack’s design really embodies their conversation-centric brand and entices conversions with an easy 1-2-3 step process.
Slack CTA
Slack CTA 2

  1. Evernote

84.6% of web designers believe crowded web design is the most common mistake made by small businesses (GoodFirms). And with SaaS websites, simple is always better – because what you’re selling is often complicated. Evernote shows impressive simplicity and minimalism with excellent use of white space in their design while still getting their key points across.
Evernote CTA
Evernote CTA 2

  1. Typeform

What we love about Typeform is the constraint they show with their copywriting. They’ve really honed in their messaging to talk about what their audience cares about the most while still getting their features and benefits across. Their strong branding, coupled with a sleek, modern design makes this an irresistible SaaS website for any website visitor.
Typeform CTA
Typeform CTA 2

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox makes clever use of their menu navigation, with dropdown menus split between the benefits of choosing them, proof points, products, sectors they work with, and pricing. Keeping it nicely organised with so much information to offer about their SaaS product makes their website easy to navigate and rich.
Why Dropbox
Dropbox Solutions

  1. Hubspot

Many SaaS companies struggle with designing their websites to target numerous audiences (all with different issues) at once! Hubspot does a fantastic job of segmenting the benefits and features of Hubspot for every audience from the get-go on their homepage. Doing so helps them capture and convert a wider portion of the market and not deter anyone.
HubSpot Sales Leaders
HubSpot Operations Managers

  1. Lucky Orange

The above-the-fold headline is one of the first things your SaaS audience will notice about your website, so you better make it powerful. Lucky Orange makes their compelling headline, description, and CTA take centre stage here – instantly locking in user attention. We also love how they’ve split their features into neat boxes with unique icons that draw the eye in.
Lucky Orange CTA
Lucky Orange CTA 2

  1. DocuSign

DocuSign takes social proof to the next level by stating they’ve helped 1M customers and 1B users worldwide. If we had those numbers, we’d probably shout about it too! Adding social proof in a prime location is one of the most effective ways to instantly build credibility and position yourself as an authority in your niche. Nicely done DocuSign!
DocuSign CTA
DocuSign CTA 2

  1. Petal

Finally! A banking website that isn’t just full of smiling couples applying for their first mortgage. Petal’s SaaS website design is like a breath of fresh air with its smooth navigation, minimalist look, easy scroll, and muted colours. Petal’s simplistic approach to copy makes you want to learn more and keep clicking around the site!
Petal CTA
Petal CTA 2

  1. Drift

Drift took a unique approach to SaaS website design which we quite like! The pop-art colours, use of screen width, slick animations, and video additions make it a memorable site that makes you want to stay on it for longer. They also have a genius “stat bar” that shows you the results people have had using Drift – pretty convincing!
Drift CTA
Drift CTA 2

Which website elements should your company be optimising?

You must regularly review your website to make sure it still looks fresh, says and does the right things, and keeps those conversions trickling in. To help you assess your website, here are some common elements all the best SaaS websites shared:

  • Strong, clear CTAs
  • Less is more
  • Sharp, concise copy
  • Interactive animations
  • Videos
  • Easy navigation
  • Benefits > Features

Why not take these effective design elements on board for your next website refresh? Or perhaps you’d like a trained eye to see if you can take your SaaS website to the next level by revitalising the design? If so, talk to our SaaS web design and marketing experts here at RocketSaaS.

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