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🚀 Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #20 Facebook Cascading Videos

Tech startup lead generation tip number 20

This is a relatively advanced Facebook digital marketing strategy called cascading video.

The issue with Facebook advertising is that you could create a video, spend a bunch of money promoting it, but it doesn’t generate that many leads, simply because the people watching it may be in your target demographic, but they aren’t qualified.

Cascading videos are a great way to get your call to action seen only by people who have shown interest in your business. If works like this…

Create a video which is a free tip, advice or opinion on your industry. There should be no call to action or promotion of your business whatsoever. Then put some budget into boosting the video.

Let’s say the video appears on 20,000 people’s feed and gets watched by 10%, which is 2,000 people.

Then create a second video, this time it will be a little more niche about your business or technology, maybe showcasing a feature or addressing a problem that your tech solves in your industry.

Now pay to only show this video to people who have watched over 70% of the first video. The view percentage should be higher, as they are already shown interest in your business. 30% view rate in this example will be 600 people.

Then create a third video which is a clear call to action, such as inviting people onto a webinar, booking a free strategy call or taking a free trial for example.

Now pay to only show this video to people who have watched over 70% of the second video.

So this means that your call to action video is only being shown to people who have been interested in your previous content. These are almost qualified leads. A 10% conversion rate in this example is 60 leads.

So you can imagine how powerful this strategy can be. Rather than paying a lot of money for a single post to be seen by a bunch of people who may be in your target demographic, but they’re not going to become leads, you are now spending your budget only on people who are interested in your business.



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