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SaaS Marketing: The Agency Vs In-House Marketing Showdown

For SaaS companies, deciding between hiring an in-house marketing team or handing over the reins to an external marketing agency can be a real head-scratcher!

Maybe you’ve only ever worked with an in-house marketing professional and want to know if the grass is greener on the agency side.

Or, perhaps you’ve been working on marketing internally up until this point but are now ready to pump some budget into professional digital marketing services.

Well, strap in because we’re about to dissect the pros and cons of both paths, so you can make an informed decision and figure out whether in-house or outsourced digital marketing will work better for your SaaS business.

Let’s get into it!

The epic battle: In-House vs Agency Marketing

In the red corner, we have the comfort of an in-house marketing team, and in the blue corner, the allure of a SaaS marketing agency. Each contender brings unique strengths to the table. Time for the face-off!

SaaS marketing in-house: The pros!

#1 Control at your command

An in-house marketing team puts you in the driver’s seat of your SaaS marketing efforts, giving you direct control and oversight of every part of your digital marketing strategy.

#2 Deep cultural understanding

In-house marketing teams live and breathe your company culture and goals, offering an understanding that runs deep and filters right down through to your marketing campaigns.

#3 Decisions at the speed of light

With intimate knowledge of your company’s dynamics, an in-house marketing team can make decisions rapidly, accelerating your marketing momentum.

#4 Long-term growth investment

Building an in-house team is like planting a tree. It’s a long-term investment in your company’s growth, branching out naturally into new levels of success as your marketing strategy blossoms.

#5 Seamless communication

With an in-house team, communication is as smooth as a hot knife through butter. They’re right there, in the next room or just a quick message away. No waiting on an agency to respond in five working days.

SaaS marketing in-house: The cons!

#1 Limited access to diverse expertise

In-house marketing teams, though adept, may lack the range of digital marketing skills found in an agency. Often, your hires will specialise in one specific area. This could limit your marketing tactics and slow down your progress.

#2 Challenges in scaling

Scaling an in-house marketing team can feel like climbing a steep mountain, with hiring, training, and retention adding to the challenges.

#3 Investment in tools and training

To keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape, continuous investment in marketing tools and training is necessary, which can stretch your budget.

#4 Risk of tunnel vision

Being too close to the company culture and product might lead to tunnel vision for your in-house team, potentially meaning your marketing strategy lacks novel strategies and fresh perspectives.

#5 Greater financial commitment

Building and maintaining an in-house team comes with a heftier price tag, which includes salaries, benefits, and more. With the average salary for a chief marketing officer alone costing more than £100,000 a year, imagine how much a full in-house team could cost you!?

SaaS marketing agency: The pros!

#1 Access to the experts

A staggering 42% of UK businesses are outsourcing their marketing to an agency, and we can see why!

SaaS marketing agencies are hotbeds of talent, chock-full of specialists, from SEO specialists to top content creators. Especially for budding SaaS businesses, access to such a diverse range of skills in one place can really amp up your marketing performance.

#2 Dial marketing up or down

Agencies are akin to a marketing volume knob, dialling up or toning down marketing efforts based on your fluctuating needs. No hiring sprees or tough layoffs, just seamless flexibility with digital marketing services as and when you need them!

#3 Top tech and tools

About 70% of SaaS and tech businesses use integrated marketing technology. This highlights the importance of using the latest marketing tools to stay ahead, and with agencies, you’ll have access to top-tier resources sans the big price tag.

#4 Cost-effective

Budget is king in the SaaS world, and agencies are a great choice for keeping ROI high and figures down. By outsourcing, you sidestep costs like salaries, benefits, training, and more, making agencies a nifty alternative to a full-time marketing team.

#5 The outsider’s edge

SaaS marketing agencies have the unique vantage point of an external perspective, breathing fresh air into your strategies without being tangled too deep in your company to see the bigger picture. They’re not afraid to tell you the truth, where your internal marketing teams might sugarcoat things.

#6 Swift and sharp execution

SaaS marketing agencies have a ton of resources at the ready, capable of springing into action at a moment’s notice, executing marketing strategies with unmatched speed and efficiency. An internal marketing team may not have the same capabilities, resources, or tech to step into action straight away.

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SaaS marketing agency: The cons!

#1 Giving up the reins

By outsourcing to a SaaS marketing agency, you give up a degree of control over your marketing campaigns, which can feel like a high-speed drive with someone else at the wheel. Working with an agency that you trust is key here to feeling comfortable letting go.

#2 Communication issues

Communication and coordination can sometimes feel like a game of ping-pong, with information bouncing back and forth. However, with the right agency by your side, you’ll be able to develop a good working relationship with clear communication protocols in place.

#3 The learning curve

SaaS digital marketing agencies might need a learning ramp to get up to speed with your industry, target audience, and product nuances. However, an in-house marketing team would need the same level of training to start working effectively.

#4 Fear of brand misalignment

Outsourcing your marketing to a SaaS agency carries a risk of misalignment between the agency’s marketing efforts and your company’s brand message. This can be avoided, however by working with your agency to develop clear branding guidelines.

#5 Risk of double trouble

Overlapping efforts between your internal and agency teams can lead to frustrating redundancies and inefficiencies if clear procedures are not established at the beginning of your working relationship.

So, agency or in-house for SaaS marketing? You decide!

The decision to hire in-house or outsource to an agency isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

It’s a strategic choice that hinges on your SaaS company’s unique needs and circumstances. Whatever path you choose, the journey of SaaS marketing is an exciting one, filled with growth, challenges, and immense potential.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to amplify your brand, reach your target audience, and drive success for your SaaS product. Whether that’s through an in-house team or a marketing agency, the choice is yours to make!

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