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How To Showcase Your Software On Your Website The Right Way

Do you struggle to show off your software correctly? You’re not alone! Showcasing software on their websites is a massive issue for a lot of tech companies.

Even the most elegantly designed dashboards struggle on most websites because they’re shrunk down, making them almost impossible to read and take in.

You only have a few seconds to grab the user’s attention, and with a small, confusing image of your dashboard, you won’t be able to get their attention at all.

Showcasing your software, so visitors quickly grasp what your tech does and how it benefits them, will have a powerful impact on your lead generation.

So, to help you show off your software the right way, we’re going to go through four ways you can showcase your software correctly on your website and make sure those potential customers convert.

  1. Redraw your software as flat graphics

Redrawing your software as a flat graphic is the ideal way to showcase what your software has to offer.

By using flat graphics instead of a screenshot or image of your software in use, you’ll be able to make your software more accessible and clearer to view.

Instead of your customers being overwhelmed by the amount of detail you have in your software, you’ll be able to grab their attention immediately.

Large, colourful graphics positioned clearly on your website are more likely to capture the attention of your audience than any screenshot of your dashboard.

A great example of a website that shows off their software with flat graphics is Slack! They clearly show what Slack is by displaying small animation graphics and other flat graphics to demonstrate how Slack works.

What are the benefits of drawing your software as flat graphics?

Some of the main benefits of drawing your software as flat graphics are that:

  • Your audience will get a clear idea of what your software can actually do for them
  • You’ll be able to highlight the essential parts of your software clearly
  • You can distinguish between different sections
  • You’ll be able to minimise viewer confusion
  • You’ll be able to showcase your software in all its glory

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also create a video animation of your software similar to what Monday.com does on their website.

2. Show off the key features of your software

Showing off your key features and benefits are vital for showcasing your software. Your audience doesn’t want to go rooting through your website looking for what your software does. They want to know as soon as possible.

So, don’t take up too much space on your home page talking about the things that don’t matter to your audience. Highlight the features and benefits that make you the exceptional solution to their problem.

By showcasing your uniqueness and showing your audience exactly what your software can do for them, they’ll be far more likely to convert. Don’t forget to show them how it can help them and improve their day-to-day activities. There’s no point in selling to your audience if you can’t prove that your software has the features to improve their lives.

Graphics and imagery are essential, but there’s only so much they can say without some words to go with it. So, make sure you get the balance right and convince them why they need your software!

3. Offer a free trial for potential customers to try out before they buy

A free trial or demo is one of the best ways to showcase your software to your potential clients. We actually just wrote another blog post about why a free trial can help get your clients interested in what you have to offer – go check it out here.

You can offer a free demo or trial to your audience in exchange for their email. This not only lets your audience get a taste of the fantastic software you’ve created, but it also gets you a copy of their contact information: now you can add their email to your email nurturing list. Once they’ve finished their free trial, you’ll be able to send them out an email series reminding them to check out the full version of your software.

4. Include testimonials from satisfied customers

92% of customers read online reviews before buying anything and 83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over any kind of advertising. Sometimes your word isn’t enough to persuade people to sign up, which is why proof points are a necessity when it comes to showcasing your software.

Proof points can be anything like:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Case studies
  • Trial feedback
  • Statistics

Adding testimonials from happy clients who’ve used your software will help convince more people to invest in your product. By adding stats to your website showing how much your software has helped improve businesses, you’ll also be able to prove to your audience that your software really can help them out.

If you have any case studies, they should be highlighted on your homepage. Your audience will be able to go check out a complete, in-depth look into how your software works and how it improves businesses.

Remember, your audience will always want to see the benefit of buying your software and what better way to do this than to show them how it benefited other people (just like them!)

If you’ve just launched new software then you’re going to have to display it on your website correctly.

We hope that by using our tips you’ll be able to show your audience how your software can help improve their day-to-day lives.

If you want some help figuring out how you should showcase your SaaS software then get in contact with our team today, we’d love to help you out.





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