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SaaS website design tips: How to create the perfect homepage

Considering your homepage is the most visited page on your SaaS website, and it takes just 50 ms to make a good first impression with visitors, to say the website design of your homepage is important would be an understatement.

Think of your SaaS homepage design as a shop window. Get it right, and you draw people inside and direct them around the store until they reach the till. Get it wrong, and people will just walk right past you. So, how do you get your homepage website design right to attract more conversions? Just keep reading, and you’ll find out!

Key conversion-boosting tips for SaaS homepages

Create an impactful homepage banner

With the right blend of banner design and messaging, you can create a fantastic first impression with your audience. Use this prime real estate to highlight a key pain point you can solve for your target audience and the main unique selling point of your SaaS solution. Make it snappy, memorable, and compelling to increase your conversion chances.

Include a clear and direct call to action

Since your homepage serves as a “jumping-off point” for your visitors to journey through the rest of your website, make the next steps you wish your target audience to take crystal clear with CTAs located 2-3 times throughout the homepage. “Book a demo,” “Chat to sales,” and “Get a free trial” are all popular ones for SaaS website designs – just make sure it’s relevant.

Prove credibility and create user trust

88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. And with so much heated competition between SaaS websites, having testimonials, app store ratings, client logos, and case studies included in your homepage website design will go a long way in helping users trust your SaaS company and take action.

Show your SaaS solution in action

SaaS product explainer videos, demos, and imagery/videos showing your product’s functionality are essential to any high-converting SaaS website design – but the homepage especially. Giving your target audience an insight into your SaaS solution will help them understand complex SaaS subjects in digestible terms.

Write compelling conversion copy

The copy on your SaaS website isn’t just crucial for showing up on search engines like Google (more on that next); it’s vital for highlighting how your SaaS solution can solve your target audience’s main problems. Explaining what you do and how it helps people will bring your first-time website visitors much closer to becoming long-term customers.

Optimising your SaaS homepage for search engine traffic

Now that you know what to implement for more conversions, help your SaaS homepage get seen by more people online with these SEO tips:

Write solid meta titles and descriptions

Your meta titles and descriptions only appear on search engine results pages and can significantly improve your click-through rates. Make them heavily conversion-focused, highlighting benefits while including your main target keywords. As a good rule of thumb, keep meta titles to about 70 characters and descriptions to about 160 characters.

Ensure your site is security-protected

Make sure you regularly update your SSL certificate, or if you don’t already have one – get one ASAP. Without an SSL certificate, users will see a warning message before visiting your SaaS website, telling them it may not be safe. This is a huge red flag for customers – so make sure you sort it out sooner rather than later!

Optimise all your headlines

For ranking highly on search engines, adding keywords to your H1s, H2s, H3s, etc., makes a big difference. Use these headlines to not only add in keywords where possible (without sounding robot-y) but to encourage more conversions by highlighting pain points, unique selling points, and how much better people’s lives will be thanks to your SaaS product.

The same principles go for your subheadings and body copy. Focus on your audience’s needs, desires, issues, and goals and how your SaaS product and the team can help them with each while adding your target keywords where appropriate.

Create an easy-to-navigate menu

Create pages your target audience will search for the most on Google and make it easy for them to navigate between pages with a clear and concise menu. Don’t overwhelm your audience with long menus that make it hard to find what they’re looking for. Keep it simple! Here are some standard pages to add to your SaaS website.

  • Demo
  • Reviews
  • Free trial
  • About
  • Integrations
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • FAQ
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Resources

Answer frequently asked questions

One of the best ways to show up on Google for your target audience’s key search terms is to answer their most commonly asked questions (according to keyword research and your own experience) on your homepage. Keep FAQs to the bottom and see it as a final pitch to convince your audience that your SaaS solution is their best option.

Ready to create the perfect homepage for your SaaS website?

Remember, these are general guidelines, not exact formulas. The best website design tip we can give you is developing a deep understanding of how your users interact with your website by deploying a long-term A/B testing strategy and making constant improvements based on the results.

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