1,853 Quality Inbound Leads from a 6 month campaign…and counting.

  • πŸ“ˆ 1,853 Leads
  • πŸ“ž 460 Appointments
  • πŸ’° 184 Sales
  • πŸš€ 300% Traffic increase

The Client

Glow offer their customers complete control over their home with innovative heating units, supported by a SaaS solution to control temperatures and smart meter readings.

The company’s goal was to identify which marketing channel/s were best suited to their ideal customer profile, target those accounts and generate an additional 10 sales per month.

Simon Humphreys
Glow Electric
"Rocket SaaS have been incredible to work with since day one. Their market research powered some key strategic decisions for our business growth. Their knowledge and experience of growing a pipeline of leads through free content has opened up a whole new client base for us. Since working with Rocket, our sales have gone up over 250%. Best decision we ever made."

Our Solution

The client’s previous sales and marketing activity mainly focused on cold outreach to bottom-of-funnel activity: buy our product or book a demo. Our experience tells us that this strategy is unsustainable, as it overlooks the majority of the market who aren’t yet in the buying phase of their journey.

We convinced the client to take a step back and focus on more top and middle of funnel activity while similtaniously generating demand for their product from prospects who were in the earlier stages of the buying journey.

We created a series of checklists and info-packs, along with a free house survey, all with supporting landing pages. These acted as the lead magnets. We then created content to drive traffic to the landing pages, in the form of Facebook Ads, email newsletters, video marketing and content to support the sales team with cold outreach.

The Result

After 6 months, the client received 1,853 inbound leads via their website, resulting in 460 appointments and 184 sales. They tripled their sales goal within 6 months of working with us. The campaign continues to run successfully.

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Chris Lowe
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Simon Dresdner
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alex dg
Alex Arthur
Marketing Manager
Digital Genius
The web and marketing support you have given us has been integral to our growth
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