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Why branded ads are vital for SaaS marketing, branding, and conversions

Branded Google Ads are one of the most crucial campaign types to include in your SaaS marketing strategy. And what exactly are branded Google ads, you ask?

Put simply; instead of targeting keywords related to your SaaS brand in your Google Ads, like “Chatbot platform” or “Automated marketing software,” you’re targeting keywords that include your SaaS company’s name, like “Rocket SaaS” or “Rocket SaaS reviews.”

The idea behind branded ads is to ensure your website shows up front and centre in Google’s search results when a user types in your SaaS brand name, among other strategic reasons, which you’ll learn below.

5 reasons why you should invest in branded Google Ads

You might think it’s silly to spend marketing budget on ads for your company’s name when users can find you in the organic search results below the ads anyway, but trust us, branded ads are a SaaS marketing strategy must-have and here’s why.

  1. Ward off the competition

The SaaS market is exceptionally competitive, so you can bet your competitors are running “competitor ads” on Google that appear to users who type in keywords related to your SaaS brand name.

Imagine how it would look if your current or potential customers had to scroll down past a list of competitor ads to find your website in the organic search results (the website they wanted in the first place!)

Running branded campaigns will ensure that your SaaS company will always appear at the top of the results page, no matter how many of your competitors are trying to steal your customers.

  1. Reinforce SaaS branding

Branded campaigns help increase brand awareness, online visibility, and consumer trust.

Suppose customers are typing in your SaaS branded keywords and see you occupying not only the top of Google’s search results in the ad space but below in the organic search results too.

In that case, they’ll form a stronger impression of your company and find it easier to trust you.

  1. Reach customers at every touch point

You can create branded campaigns to capture audiences at every marketing funnel stage and lead them to a tailored landing page that pushes them further down the funnel.

  • Awareness stage: Users type in your company’s name, e.g. “Rocket SaaS.”
  • Consideration stage: Users type in comparison keywords, e.g. “Rocket SaaS vs Spaceship SaaS” or “Rocket SaaS ratings.”
  • Conversion stage: Users type in conversion-related keywords, e.g. “Rocket SaaS free trial” or “Rocket SaaS login.”
  1. Maximise SaaS marketing spend

Let’s face it; apart from competitor campaigns, there won’t be many other SaaS businesses bidding on your branded keywords as part of their SaaS marketing strategy.

Fortunately, the low levels of competition make branded campaigns one of the most cost-effective ad types you can run on Google.

The other positive for your SaaS marketing wallet is that branded campaigns tend to have higher conversion rates since your user is already interested in your SaaS solution.

The combination of low costs and high conversion rates gives your Google ad account quality a boost, too. The better your quality score, the more effective your entire batch of ad campaigns will be, making branded campaigns an absolute no-brainer for your SaaS
marketing strategy.

  1. Take charge of ad copy

While you can certainly edit your meta title and description to reflect your SaaS messaging in the organic search results; you don’t have much control over what pages Google serves up to users when they type in branded keywords.

By running branded ads, you can carefully craft your ad messaging to get the right points across for each specific branded keyword. You can also add a CTA button and extensions to increase click-through rates and engage your target audience.

Additionally, you can track what ad copy works best by testing different options (unlike organic search) to consistently improve results, ROI, and your overall Google SaaS marketing strategy.

What are you waiting for? Set up your branded SaaS campaigns today!

At the end of the day, the best SaaS marketing strategies are those that design, maintain, and promote their first-class customer service and quality SaaS product.

Branded SaaS campaigns on Google are your fast-track ticket to more online visibility, less competition, better conversion rates, more control over ad copy, and stronger SaaS branding. Why not give them a go today! Don’t have time? Let our SaaS marketing experts take over.

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