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Rated by Rocket SaaS: 7 of the Best Marketing Tools for SaaS Businesses

At Rocket SaaS, we’re known for keeping up with the latest digital marketing tools so we can advise our SaaS clients on what’s best for their needs. And because choosing the right tools can make or break your business, we’ll never recommend a marketing tool we’re not using ourselves.

That said, in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, we know how tempting it can be to explore the latest ‘shiny tools’ without seeking advice from experts or taking the time to consider their suitability for your business.

The reality is: what works for one SaaS company might not be the best fit for yours, and could lead to wasted resources and confusion for your team.

This is why it’s crucial to research and select tools that align with your SaaS business model, individual needs, and long-term goals — and we’re here to help!

Ready to see which marketing tools our team has selected?

1. ActiveCampaign for Email Automation


Email automation has become an integral part of modern marketing. It streamlines communication with your audience, nurtures leads, and helps you create more meaningful interactions — while also saving time.

For us, ActiveCampaign (AC) is a standout tool for this task, offering comprehensive features for email marketing, automation, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

AC enables you to:

  • Segment your audience effectively for targeted campaigns
  • Create personalised email sequences
  • Automate follow-ups based on user behaviour
  • Analyse campaign performance with in-depth analytics
  • Integrate with other marketing tools for seamless workflows

2. Instantly for Cold Emails


Cold emailing remains a valuable strategy for B2B sales. Not only does it help you initiate contact with potential clients, it also allows you to prioritise communication that best reflects your business goals and growth stage.

For this, tools like Instantly can make all the difference. Specialising in automating cold email outreach, Instantly can:

  • Generate targeted leads from an expansive database
  • Send personalised cold email campaigns at scale
  • Track email opens, clicks, and replies
  • Leverage “A/Z Testing” to test email subject lines and content for better results
  • Integrate with your CRM for streamlined lead management

3. Apollo for Finding Leads


In sales, knowing your prospects inside out is a game-changer. Apollo offers a full suite of tools to help you find and engage with potential leads.

At Rocket SaaS, we’re big fans of Apollo’s user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboard. Even when undertaking advanced tasks, our team can easily access the customer data we need in no time!

With Apollo, you can:

  • Access a massive database of verified B2B contacts
  • Enrich your lead data with detailed insights
  • Automate email outreach and follow-ups
  • Analyse lead engagement to prioritise hot prospects
  • Integrate seamlessly with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for enhanced prospecting

Tip: Speaking of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, this is another platform we highly recommend for lead generation. User-friendly and great for integrating with other essential platforms, LinkedIn’s recent dedication to enhancing its suite of strategic business tools is a step we’re here to support!

4. Hootsuite for Social Media Scheduling


Social media marketing continues to dominate the digital landscape, and, while other tools have come and gone, Hootsuite is still a trusted name when it comes to social media management features like scheduling.

In addition to its intuitive platform, our team also enjoys the level of customer service that Hootsuite provides — whenever there’s an issue, their support team is on hand to help.

Hootsuite enables you to:

  • Schedule posts across multiple social media platforms
  • Monitor brand mentions and engage with your audience
  • Analyse social media performance with comprehensive reports
  • Collaborate with your team on social media marketing campaigns
  • Stay on top of industry trends with content curation features

Tip: As a social media management tool, not many people realise that Hootsuite can also be useful for search engine optimisation (SEO). While not a dedicated SEO tool, Hootsuite can be used to set up social listening streams and help your SaaS company monitor common language used in discussions of your product, brand, industry, or specific niche. With insights like these, you can set up a more in-depth SEO strategy using other, more targeted tools.

5. Figma for Design


Visual content plays a vital role in marketing success, and at Rocket SaaS, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve client collaboration and speed up our design process.

Right now, Figma is our tool of choice, offering a versatile design platform that simplifies collaboration and prototyping.

Figma allows us to:

  • Create and edit designs in real-time with team members
  • Share interactive prototypes for client approval
  • Collaborate on design projects with ease
  • Maintain a consistent design library for branding
  • Streamline design handoffs to development teams

Tip: Don’t forget about Sketch, another excellent design tool known for its collaboration capabilities. At Rocket SaaS, we switch between the two tools depending on the project and the preferences of SaaS companies we work with.

6. Asana for Organisation


Marketing projects often involve juggling multiple tasks and deadlines, whether that’s in-house or with external clients and partners. Asana is a project management tool that keeps your team organised and projects on track — something we’ve come to appreciate more as our SaaS marketing agency has grown.

With Asana, you can:

  • Create project timelines and assign tasks
  • Set priorities and due dates for every project component
  • Collaborate with team members and clients within the platform
  • Track project progress with visual dashboards
  • Integrate with other tools for seamless workflow management

7. Slack for Communication


For any business to be a success, effective communication is key to keep everyone on the same page — whether it’s internal communication with your team or interacting with clients and customers.

At Rocket SaaS, our internal team has grown a lot in recent years. This is why for us, finding a communication tool we know we can rely on has been a game-changer!

Slack helps you:

  • Create dedicated channels for various projects or teams
  • Share files, documents, and marketing assets effortlessly
  • Integrate with other online marketing tools for notifications
  • Conduct virtual meetings and video conferences
  • Keep communication centralised for efficient information sharing

Ready to skip to the good part and optimise your marketing processes?

Selecting the right digital marketing tool for each task is essential for staying competitive and achieving your business goals.

From social media marketing tools to communication platforms, the tools mentioned above cover a wide spectrum of marketing needs. However, it’s important to remember that the effectiveness of these tools depends on your unique requirements and strategies.

To further enhance your marketing efforts and tailor them to your specific needs as a Software as a Service business, consider partnering with Rocket SaaS.

Our team of experts can help you make the most of these tools and create a customised marketing strategy that drives results.

To kickstart your next phase of marketing success, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a free strategy call today.

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