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6 landing page tweaks to rocket your SaaS website conversions

It can be challenging for SaaS startups to cut through the online noise and convince new customers to convert with you instead of more established SaaS businesses. You might get plenty of clicks but not much conversion action, even with a sizable marketing budget. The number one culprit? A poorly thought out landing page.

Optimising your landing pages for conversions is one of the most ROI-boosting ways to get buy-in from your target audience. Why? Because landing pages are distraction-free, focused on a single goal, and tied to a specific audience, making them a goldmine of conversions – but only if you test, tweak, and test again to improve your conversion rates.

Ready to improve SaaS conversion rates? Try these tweaks!

You’d be hard-pressed to find any SaaS website that gets its landing pages right on the first try. But if you’re methodical, strategic, and patient with your conversion rate approach, you’ll be well on your way to conversion city. Here are some of the most effective tweaks you can try out today for your SaaS website’s landing pages.

  1. Give one, clear call to action

Ever visited a landing page littered with conflicting calls to action? Maybe you clicked on the page to get a free trial for a new tool, but before you even get to the free trial button, the page blasts you with “buy now”, “sign up”, and “get in touch” CTAs and random popups. It’s too confusing and can lead your visitor astray. Our advice for SaaS websites? Keep. It. Simple. Stick to one CTA and remove any distractions (links, navigation bars, other buttons, etc.

  1. Reveal your pricing plans

Are you one of the many SaaS websites that insist on your audience booking a demo or chatting to your sales team to get an insight into your pricing? While that’s totally up to you, why not experiment with actually showing your pricing plans for your SaaS products or services? HeyDigital saw a 7.5% conversion rate increase when they did this; maybe you can too!

  1. Look legit with social proof

According to eConsultancy, 61% of customers read reviews before purchasing. So if your landing page doesn’t already have customer reviews, case studies, actual statistics, star ratings, and even video testimonials, you could be missing out on some valuable conversions. When your visitor arrives, they want to learn about your SaaS offering, but you have to convince them you’re a trusted, popular choice for them to bite the bullet.

  1. Up the ante with engaging visuals

Eyeview Digital research concluded that videos on landing pages increase conversions by a whopping 86%! But it’s not just videos that can make a massive difference to your conversion rates; it’s all the visuals on your landing page. Experiment with different graphics, animations, videos, and imagery to improve conversions BUT don’t go overboard. Clean, simple, and slick landing pages work best. Too many visuals, and you can give your audience a migraine.

  1. Experiment with copy length

With attention spans at an all-time low, keeping your landing page copy short, sweet, and direct is the way to go. Medium research showed that landing pages with less copy had a 4% higher conversion rate on average. So, how do you satisfy the “skimmers”? Say what you have to say in as few words as possible and format your copy, so it’s easier to read with bullet points, headers, and small blocks of text.

  1. Reduce loading speed

A site that loads in 1 second has a conversion rate 5x higher than a site that loads in 10 seconds, according to Portent. Plus, over 40% of your SaaS website visitors will leave your website if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds! (Hobo) So, work on your landing page load speed, aiming for between 0-4 seconds to see a noticeable difference in your conversion rates.

What is a good landing page conversion rate?

That’s a great question! And one that comes with a not-so-great answer. Every SaaS startup is different and has varying measures of success, so really, it depends. However, if you want a benchmark figure to compare with, you can look at Wordstream’s research which claims a good landing page conversion rate is around 2.35%

So, how can you reach this base conversion rate and then multiply it? We’re glad you asked. RocketSaaS is a leading web design and digital marketing agency specialising in conversion rate optimisation. With rolling monthly, cancel anytime, price plans starting from just £3,000 per month, we become your dedicated SaaS marketing partner, increasing awareness, leads, and ultimately conversions.

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