🚀 Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #5 Don’t assume that you should be promoting your core service


Many tech businesses fall into the trap of always promoting their core service on their websites and marketing campaigns.

This is rarely the best strategy for lead generation. Turning a completely fresh prospect into a core service customer on their first-ever visit to your website is often unlikely.

Simply because they haven’t developed any recognition or trust in your brand or services.

You should work on developing products or solutions that offer your prospects value at a much lower entry point than your core service.

Later in this series, I’m going to talk in more detail about each of these, but for example, you could develop a webinar series, a podcast, a scorecard, an email newsletter campaign, and ROI calculator, a price comparison tool.

The goal is to create something that gives your prospect a quick win for free or a low cost.

Once you’ve developed this product or solution, you should divert your marketing efforts towards it. Meaning your adverts, social campaigns, website calls to actions etc.

At first, this may seem counterintuitive and a bit scary but done correctly, this will considerably increase the number of leads, which you can nurture into becoming customers of your core service.

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