πŸš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #28 Offer a freemium or low-cost entry point

Tech startup lead generation tip number 28.

Creating a product ecosystem.

Tech startups often focus all of their attention on one single product or service and direct all of their marketing efforts towards it.

The problem with this strategy is that if a prospect isn’t yet willing or isn’t ready to buy, then they are unlikely to even book a demo or take a free trial, so the lead is lost.

You need to develop alternate products, solutions or something of value which they can sign up to which will get them into your sales ecosystem.

These alternative products could be free, like a podcast series, an email newsletter series, a webinar or a strategy call for example.

Or it could be a low cost service. Try to develop a solution or a subsection of your product which gives your prospects value that you can sell at a low cost.

Take our business here at Rocket SaaS for example. Not everyone is immediately ready for a new brand or website redesign.

So we’ve created a standalone service where we redesign clients sales brochures or PowerPoint presentations.

This is a low barrier to entry product, so much easier to sign clients up for.

It gets them into our ecosystem and is a perfect opportunity to show how good we are at what we do.

Then when the time comes for a new brand or website, they naturally want to work with us and don’t even speak to any of our competitors.

We dedicate a significant portion of our marketing budget into our free and low cost products, which brings us a lot more leads than our core service marketing.

A similar approach of creating a product ecosystem can also yield fantastic results for tech startups.

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