🚀 Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #27 Don’t cut costs on copy

Tech startup lead generation tip number 27.

Don’t cut costs on copywriting.

Tech companies are made up of pretty smart people. There’s usually someone in the business who’s good at writing.

But copywriting comes in many different forms and skillsets.

Just because someone writes flawless emails or pumps out professional whitepapers for fun, that doesn’t make them a talented brand, website or marketing copywriter.

You need a copywriter who understands the power of a heading, speaking to the audience, creating a uniformed tone across the brand, enticing the visitor to make an enquiry and SEO.

Keeping the copywriting in-house seems logical because you understand your business better than anyone else.

An external copywriter just won’t understand the tech or the complexities of your offering. This is a valid concern.

In our experience overcoming such problems, we find the best results are when the client writes the initial draft or a bullet point list of what they want to say on each page; then a copywriter comes in to clean up, polish and add some sparkle.

As the copywriter isn’t writing the copy from scratch, the costs are considerably reduced, and the content is accurate.

I’ve mentioned copywriting a few times in this series as it plays a huge part in lead generation.

We have some awesome tech copywriters on our team, so pop me a message or a comment and I’ll happily connect you.

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