🚀 Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #25 Create a scorecard

Tech startup lead generation tip number 25.

Create a scorecard from scoreapp.com.

This is potentially the most powerful lead generation tip of my whole series. It’s a tool that we’re going to be recommending all of our clients to use in 2021.

You create a rapid-fire almost quiz-like questionnaire about your prospects industry, goals or problems.

Once they’ve completed it, they are automatically sent a custom PDF report full of valuable insight personalised to them, based on their answers.

It’s a great way of giving your prospects something valuable for zero money and minimal investment of their time, which is fully automated, and you get a deeply insightful lead at the end of it.

Let’s take a look and the one we’ve created for Rocket SaaS…

We call ours the Tech Startup Lead Generation Health Check.

We entice prospects by outlining that they will receive a report which will teach them how they can increase leads and grow sales.

First, you enter your details.

Then you answer a series of simple Yes/No questions.

We ask 30 questions, which user’s generally complete within 3-4 mins.

The whole time I’m answering these questions, there is an algorithm calculating their score on a range of different categories.

On the results page, they get to see custom advice and recommendations, based on the information they have given us, on how they can increase leads and grow sales.

The best provider of this type of tool, in my opinion, is scoreapp.com.

Prices start at £25 per month.

It’s a wonderfully intuitive system, making it super-easy to build your own scorecard.

It integrates with most CRMs. And best of all, it gives you a dashboard where it logs all of your leads. When someone completes the scorecard, you get to see all of their answers – so the leads are rich in data.

If you’d like to see our scorecard in action, which will give you valuable information on how you can grow your tech leads, I’ll put a link in the description, along with a link to scoreapp.com where you can watch a demo.

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