πŸš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #24 Create sales journeys for each audience type

Tech startup lead generation tip number 24

Create sales journeys for each of your target audiences.

I meet a lot of tech clients who have multiple target audiences. For example, they might have both a B2C and B2B offering, or they might have an enterprise package and a student package.

When there are multiple target audiences, you don’t want to make any of them feel alienated by showing them content which is not relevant to them.

Rather than trying to create content to please everyone, the goal should be to quickly identify which audience type they are and direct them onto pages that are dedicated and specific to them.

Do this by placing clear calls to action in a prominent position on the homepage, which signposts people to a specific page made with them in mind.

You can even be quite aggressive with this strategy and ask visitors a direct question about what content they are interested in at the top of the homepage of even an opening popup.

If you can quickly get visitors to a web page which is has content dedicated to them, their problems and goal, your chances of generating a lead are much higher.

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