๐Ÿš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #22 Place premium content behind a contact form

Tech startup lead generation tip number 22

You should consider developing some premium content that you give away for free, but behind a lead generation contact form.

For example, this could be a whitepaper or you could create a guide or top tips PDF for your target demographic.

Promote this on a website banner or even a popup that says โ€œDownload your free top tips guide hereโ€. When they click the button, they are asked to complete a short contact form before their download begins.

The most effective format of these articles is when visitors feel you are genuinely helping them, rather than selling to them. So donโ€™t make the content about you, make it about them.

More specific examples would be, say a FinTech company could create a PDF download titled โ€œHow to make your money grow in 2021โ€, or a HealthTech company could create a download titled โ€œ10 tips on how to keep fit while working from homeโ€.

It needs to be enticing and offer value to the visitor.

Having premium content behind a contact form is a great way to build pipeline.

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