πŸš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #19 CTAs everywhere

Tech startup lead generation tip number 19

Put calls to action everywhere

Once you’ve decided upon which calls to action you want to drive, such as free trial, book a demo or taking a quiz, they should be placed frequently through your website and beyond.

Place a clear call to action on the navigation bar and footer of your website, so that it features at the top and bottom of all pages, and make sure it stands out, such as a colourful button or well-designed banner.

Calls to action should also feature within the content section of all the core pages, such as the homepage, product page and pricing.

The calls to action should not be limited to your website.

Great places for a call to action are your email signature, social media cover photos, sales brochures, closing webinar slides, even business cards.

Increasing the frequency and visibility of calls to action can only help drive lead generation.

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