๐Ÿš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #18 Customer surveys

Tech startup lead generation tip number 18

Surveys are a great way to connect with old customers and new prospects. If you can market it as a gamified quiz, it can be very attractive to audiences, particularly on social media.

This links back to my tip number 5 where I talk about how you shouldnโ€™t necessarily always market your core service. A survey or quiz is a great option to attract leads.

If you develop a survey, perhaps with a reward or prize, this can drive not only leads but also a wealth of insightful information and data about your prospects and market, such as what new features you could develop in your tech or whether your price point needs adjuting.

The issue with basic contact forms is that the leads arenโ€™t qualified, which can be a huge drain on your sales resources. Leads through surveys, on the other hand, come highly qualified.

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