πŸš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #17 The Power of A/B Testing

Tech startup lead generation tip number 17

When you have an idea for a lead generation strategy on your website, you can never be 100% certain whether it’s going to work or not, or how effective it’s going to be, or what’s the best way to position it or which copywriting to use.

This is where A/B testing comes into play.

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a process of showing two versions of the same web page to different segments of website visitors and comparing which version drives more conversions.

To give you an example, let’s say you were unsure as to whether you should show pricing on your product page or not.

Via A/B testing, you would show 50% of visitors the product page with pricing and 50% without pricing. Run this for a month and see which page brings in the most high-quality leads.

Other examples would be to A/B test copywriting on a web page or which call to action is more effective: is it pushing the free trial or the book a demo.

As every company is different it’s often impossible to know which lead generation strategies are right for you until you test them. AB testing is a great way of doing that.

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