πŸš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #14 Optimise your lead gen for mobile users

Tech startup lead generation tip number 14

Tech companies often overlook the mobile version of their website, particularly around lead generation.

If you look at your Google analytics, you might be surprised at what percentage of your visitors are mobile users.

As a mobile browsing experience is very different from a desktop experience, lead generation needs to be optimised for mobile.
There are two main issues which I see a lot.

Firstly, the main call to action, such as Book a Demo or Free Trial, being hidden behind the hamburger menu. I suggest you duplicate the call to action from the menu and place it on the homepage content area, above the fold, not behind the menu click.

The second issue that I commonly see on mobiles is the call to action density. As viewing a page on mobile involves a lot more scrolling, visitors are often scrolling for a very long time before they see a call to action. So I would suggest increasing the number and spread of calls to action for the mobile site.

I imagine the percentage of mobile visitors on your website is steadily growing, so it’s important that your mobile site is optimised for lead gen.

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