πŸš€ Tech Startup Lead Generation Tip #10 Study Google Analytics Behaviour Flows

Tech startup lead generation tip number 10.

Analysing Google Analytics Behaviour flows allows you to see the journeys people are taking through your website.

It looks like this.

The green blocks represent the web pages. The grey lines represent the journeys people are taking through your site. The red elements represent where people are exiting your website. Which is one of the most interesting and actionable features of behaviour flows. These are called drop offs.

For example, you might see that a common behaviour flow is for people to come onto your Homepage, then visit the About Us page, followed by the Product page, then they drop off, rather than continuing their journey or making an enquiry.

So what does this tell us? It tells that there is probably a lack of calls to action on the product page.

So you could consider adding some enticing links to perhaps a blog article, dook a demo or request a quotation.

The longer someone stays on your website, the more likely they are to become a lead.

Analysing Google Analytics behaviours flows to increase website engagement is a great way to increase lead generation.

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